Life at Metalfer

We build relations with employees on mutual understanding

We believe that a pleasant and supportive atmosphere is the foundation for the development of Metalfer. As the only company in the field of metallurgy, in an environment dominated by different industries, we are committed to creating an environment that will attract employees based on comfortable and stimulating working conditions. The continuous growth of the number of our colleagues also requires constant effort to establish a team atmosphere, mutual recognition and acquaintance. Through joint activities and team building, our employees also become friends, and they do this by playing football within the “Steel” and “Steel League”, spending festive moments at celebrations or socializing at numerous other joint meetings.

The power that drives Metalfer is people, and by investing in their development, we are also investing in the future of the company. Every year we allocate funds for education and training, we cooperate with eminent consulting houses, accredited training centers and educational institutions. We support our employees in their desire to further their education or specialize in certain fields. Since they know in detail the processes they deal with in their workplaces, we encourage them to turn all their proposals into realizable projects. Every year from December to March, through the “Metalfer suggests” initiative, we leave room for thoughtful solutions that somehow facilitate work or improve certain procedures.

Culture of dialogue and support

We achieve an open relationship by fostering a culture of conversation within Metalfer. All our employees are dedicated individuals whose wishes we respect, and whose challenges and needs we are always ready to listen to, and once a week – as part of the “HR Open Door” – they can express their problem, doubt or suggestion without hesitation. Mutual trust is key for us, so the wages we offer are regular and stimulating, and the wages and other benefits are higher than the regulations prescribed by law. We strive to recognize and motivate our best employees, which is why we have created a reward system both on an annual level and in special cases.

Finally, we also think about all the ways we can positively influence the time our colleagues spend outside of work. The family is the pillar of every society and we try to show the workers at Metalfer how much we support them in this segment of life as well. For the birth of a child, we provide assistance in the amount of 100,000 dinars to all employees, regardless of the type of contract and workplace, while for children entering the first grade of primary school, we distribute gifts at the event that will help them adapt to the new environment. Every year we also organize a New Year’s ball with the distribution of packages, which is a festive occasion for the younger people to socialize. The children of our employees who are already high school students or students receive scholarships from the company for further education, and Metalfer’s doors are always open to them – talented, advanced students can certainly expect employment opportunities from us.