Metalfer Group’s Impactful Presence at Kopaonik Business Forum 2024.

Metalfer Group’s Impactful Presence at Kopaonik Business Forum 2024.

The prestigious Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF) once again served as a pivotal platform for insightful discussions on economic, geopolitical, and social dynamics, offering a comprehensive analysis of the contemporary global landscape. From March 3rd to 6th, Metalfer Group’s Supervisory Board actively participated in this esteemed event, contributing to and benefiting from the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Day Zero of the forum, held on Sunday, March 3rd, commenced with an in-depth macroeconomic analysis of recent developments in Serbia and the broader Western Balkan region, providing a foundational understanding for the subsequent discussions. The presentation of the Company Reputation Index results and insights into the creative industry and Digital Serbia Initiative further enriched the discourse.

On Day One, March 4th, distinguished keynote speakers, including the Serbian Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance, provided valuable insights into major macroeconomic policy developments, setting the stage for discussions on EU enlargement, climate change, digital cooperation, and other pertinent topics. The day culminated with an address by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, underscoring the forum’s commitment to sustainability and global development.

Day Two, March 5th, delved deeper into critical issues such as energy transition, infrastructure development, and the digital transformation of finance, offering pragmatic solutions and fostering collaboration. Panels addressing human capital development, sustainable agriculture, and the role of sport in business provided diverse perspectives on enhancing societal well-being and economic resilience. The highlight of the day was a hard-talk interview with Mr. Miroslav Mišković, shedding light on private investment dynamics in Serbia.

On the final day, March 6th, the forum continued its robust agenda with discussions on gender equality, youth-friendly policies, and the battle for talent, emphasizing the importance of inclusive growth strategies. The engagement culminated in an interview with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, offering insights into government priorities and strategies for navigating the complex global landscape.

Metalfer Group’s Supervisory Board utilized the platform of the Kopaonik Business Forum 2024 to engage in crucial meetings with prominent figures from the economic and political spheres of the Republic of Serbia. These sideline discussions provided an invaluable opportunity for the Supervisory Board to exchange insights, foster relationships, and explore potential collaborations. By actively participating in these meetings, Metalfer Group reaffirmed its commitment to fostering partnerships and contributing to the socioeconomic development of Serbia.

The 2024 Kopaonik Business Forum unfolded against the backdrop of a “poly crisis,” characterized by interconnected economic, geopolitical, and health challenges. This multifaceted crisis underscores the urgency of collaborative and innovative approaches to address the evolving global landscape. Metalfer Group’s participation in the Kopaonik Business Forum 2024 reflects its commitment to staying abreast of global trends, fostering dialogue, and contributing to sustainable development initiatives. As a responsible corporate citizen, Metalfer Group remains dedicated to leveraging its expertise and resources for the betterment of society and the advancement of economic prosperity.

“Metalfer’s Enchanting Night: Employees’ Children Illuminated by the Magic of the New Year’s Ball”

“Metalfer’s Enchanting Night: Employees’ Children Illuminated by the Magic of the New Year’s Ball”

In a fairy-tale evening on December 12th, Metalfer Group played host to enchantment at its New Year’s Ball. Santa Claus, with his gifts, ignited the hearts of the youngest attendees, while our little knights and princesses embarked on a magical journey into the realm of imagination. Under the colorful spotlights, the laughter of children echoed like a song, and their eyes sparkled with the magic of the gifts brought by Santa Claus.

Our little ones became the heroes in the heart of a fairy tale that brought the world of wonders to life. A specially woven theatrical performance guided them through the land of dreams, where happiness, courage, and friendship were the key motifs of every scene. Animators became virtuosos of magic, playing with smiles and creating unforgettable moments. At the end of the fairy tale, the children took home not only gifts but also hearts filled with magic and joy.

Metalfer Group continues its tradition of love and support, weaving connections that transcend the boundaries of the business world. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this magical moment. May the New Year bring happiness and joy to our little ones, and may love illuminate us all.

Review of the Media Tour

Review of the Media Tour

In its endeavour to forge a sustainable future, Metalfer proudly presents its innovative product – Metalfer® Green Steel.

The visit of media representatives to the company Metalfer Steel Mill in Sremska Mitrovica was an opportunity to present to the public a revolutionary product – Metalfer® Green Steel. This event symbolized the company’s transition into a new era of sustainability, as well as their commitment to raising environmental standards in Serbia.

In the last five years, Metalfer has invested over 28 million euros in projects supporting the Green Agenda, demonstrating that their investments are directed not only towards financial success but also towards the preservation of natural resources and the creation of a clean environment. Dr. Jelena Zakonović, the company’s director, emphasized that Metalfer’s pursuit of economic efficiency and ecological responsibility harmoniously merge.

Metalfer® Green Steel is a product that symbolizes the company’s vision and aspiration for sustainability. Through innovative practices such as using renewable energy sources, recycling waste, efficient resource use, reducing emissions of harmful gases, and many others, Metalfer has set new standards in metallurgy and proven itself as a company dedicated to economic efficiency and ecological responsibility.

“We have just presented to you a part of what makes our company special and why we proudly speak of Metalfer® Green Steel. However, I would like to conclude with something even more important. Our focus is not only on steel production or adopting new technologies. We are here to care for our people, our community, and the future. That is why we proudly highlight our slogan – ‘steel mind, caring heart’ – because every innovation, every investment, and every effort comes from a heart that cares about our planet,” emphasized Dr. Jelena Zakonović, director of Metalfer Steel Mill. In its endeavor to forge a sustainable future, Metalfer proudly presents its innovative product – Metalfer® Green Steel.