Our history

Our heritage and legacy, leading up to our current standing

Metalfer Group’s history is a testament to our resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence. From our humble beginnings in UK, we have grown into a global force within the heavy industry sector, producing a diverse range of products.The seeds for Metalfer Group were planted many decades ago, with a clear vision and mission that have guided our actions and shaped our goals. As we grew, we consistently surpassed milestones and faced challenges head-on, strengthening our resolve and refining our approach.

Our company history is punctuated by significant achievements, such as the launch of new facilities, innovative products and strategic partnerships, expansion into new markets, and recognition for our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. These milestones mark our journey from a local company to a Europe conglomerate, all while maintaining our commitment to our core values and purpose.

Today, Metalfer Group is a robust entity with a wide-reaching impact, employing hundreds of professionals across our various operations. Our current status is a result of years of hard work, unwavering dedication, and an unwavering commitment to our values and mission.

As we look to the future, our vision remains clear: to continue producing high-quality products while respecting the environment, our employees, and the community. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to furthering our legacy of excellence, responsibility, and innovation.