Sustainable mining

Sustainable mining: modern, ecological development of mines

Sustainable mining relies on various technological, economic and social innovations and practices to minimize the negative impacts of mining activities on the environment and society. This approach implies responsible behavior towards natural resources, reducing pollution, preserving biodiversity and supporting the local community where mining activities take place.

The application of the principles of sustainable development refers to the entire life cycle of a mine, including activities such as exploration, design, construction, exploitation, closure and mine reclamation. Sustainable mining therefore implies social responsibility, which means that the rights of the local community and workers must be respected, and employees must be trained to work according to the highest standards of safety and occupational health and safety. This model of work ensures that the mining activity takes place with minimal impact on the environment and maximum economic benefits for all interested parties.

By the end of 2028, the plan is to exclude ourselves from all business activities related to the exploitation of coal.

Quarries of eruptive stone aggregate

Metalfer Group is one of the leading processors of construction stone of eruptive origin, and it includes quarries of the highest quality eruptive stone aggregate: Mrčići, Tavani Markovići, Lisine and Drenovački kik. The stone from these quarries is processed in the plants Mrčići in Divčibare and Šušeoka near Valjevo.

Eruptive stone aggregates have the following applications:

– Fractions for making final layers of asphalt concrete;
– Fractions for making concrete brands above 40;
– Tucanik category I for the upper track curtain;
– Material for filling roads (tampon).