Employment opportunities

Becoming a part of our team offers exceptional avenues for personal and professional growth

We carefully select the people with whom we build the future of the company. We believe that they also choose us carefully.

Attracting and retaining the workforce in circumstances where the labor market is in deficit is a major challenge for all employers. When it comes to the selection of potential new employees, Metalfer adheres to the same principles from the very beginning – we are looking for steely people, those who are proactive, communicative and creative. Colleagues who will do their work passionately and with motivation, eager for new knowledge and professional stimuli.

The people we see in our team are dedicated, responsible and reliable, which is why Metalfer has many benefits ready for them that concern both work and education, as well as private, family life. The individuality, needs and feelings of each of our employees are important for the well-being of the entire company. As a community of hundreds of people, Metalfer is a living organism that changes in accordance with the needs, wishes and challenges of all its members. We are a group of individuals with excellent and diverse knowledge and skills, who work in the most diverse positions, but who also choose to work dedicatedly as one – towards the same goals, fighting for the same values.

Interview Process

The nature of your interview process may vary based on the role you’re pursuing. You might find yourself interacting with partners, and the number of colleagues you engage with can fluctuate. Many of our interviews are conducted virtually nowadays, but they continue to provide a rich experience regardless of distance between you and your interviewer. Your recruiter will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring you’re well-prepared and informed about what to anticipate.

Regardless of the career path or office location you’re interested in, our process is consistently fair and offers you the chance to showcase your abilities, gain insights into the role, and connect with colleagues, helping you familiarize yourself with the Metalfer culture.

So, what’s the best way to gear up for your interviews? Just stay calm, be authentic, and feel free to ask us questions. Come ready to discuss your experiences, knowledge, accomplishments, and skills. We eagerly await our meeting with you.