Metalfer as a partner in European and regional projects

Metalfer has been involved in various energy projects in the region since 2011. year, and Metalfer Invest was founded the following year, in order to better focus on such ventures by selecting and training a specialized team. We closely cooperate with many well-known international and domestic companies from the energy and infrastructure sector, and our partner companies are EPC ( EPC – Energy Performance Contracting ) – engineering, procurement and construction – i.e. contractors and equipment suppliers, some of which are the world’s largest companies from these areas. Metalfer Invest identifies potential opportunities, and analyzes and structures investment projects in these fields of activity.

Steel is the ideal material for a continuous and sustainable circular economy since it can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality. The technological and environmental projects of the Metalfer Group serve different customers and are actively involved in innovating a package of leading products on the market. Metalfer Group is a multifaceted player in infrastructure and construction, and offering a whole range of construction materials, especially steel and aggregates, Metalfer is an active participant in all major projects in the region and a large part of the European Union.