Construction industry – backbone of economic development

The construction industry plays a crucial role in the economic development of every country. It drives a large number of economic sectors and has a significant impact on the BDP. However, to achieve success in this sector, it is necessary to provide adequate resources, especially materials intended for this industry.

It is extremely important that the state has its own materials intended for the construction industry. In this regard, our company takes pride in its production program, which includes a wide range of construction materials made of steel. Some of these materials include ribbed concrete steel bars, ribbed concrete steel coils, hot-rolled wire, and reinforcing mesh.

These materials are essential for reinforcing concrete in high-rise and low-rise buildings. Our products are of top quality, which means that they are durable and reliable, while also providing exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion. They fully comply with all relevant standards, which guarantees reliability and quality.

Our dedication and commitment allow us to continue to be one of the most important suppliers of construction materials in the country.