Complex information systems of the metalfer group

With the growth of the group, the complexity of the processes and functions within the companies grew proportionally, and so did the need to introduce a complex software system intended for corporations.

At the beginning of 2020, we made a decision to replace the existing software system with a new, more comprehensive one, which will satisfy all the Metalfer Group’s needs in the long term. At the beginning of that year, we started negotiations with several companies that offered their software solutions, and after presentations and reference visits, the expert team, made up of key employees from different departments, decided to enter this project with the company M&I from Novi Sad. The planned phases of the project were completed on time and the new software, which includes all companies in the group as well as all their departments (finance, sales, procurement, production, maintenance, transport, human resources, legal service, tool room, warehouse) was successfully put into operation. 1. January 2021 years.


Since the Metalfer Group is constantly developing and expanding, implementations and improvements on ERP ( ERP – Enterprise resource planning) are never final. In addition, technology is becoming more advanced every day and software is becoming more demanding, while equipment is becoming obsolete. Bearing that in mind, the renewal of the server infrastructure appeared to be a necessity, along with the creation of a fully functional and stable system, in which all servers are grouped by means of “VMware vCenter”, a powerful platform for virtual infrastructure management. By investing in the necessary additional equipment and signing a contract with the Comtrade company, we successfully completed the project with their help in less than 3 months, and the maintenance was completely taken over by our IT department. The system currently includes 18 virtual machines.

After the reconstruction of this complex server structure, we concluded that the storage, availability and protection of data inside it are equally important. Every company is exposed to various attacks or accidents, and the existence of backup copies of all documents enables the successful restoration of the system in a very short time. During 2022, we decided to introduce “DRAAS” ( Disaster Recovery as a Service ), which records the current state daily and offers high-speed system restoration in the event of a disaster. Comtrade was our partner in this project as well, for which we also bought a data storage program. It is a program that we still use – a solution from the company “Veeam”, and the creation of duplicates for the archive is done regularly for a certain period of time.

Metalfer proposes: Innovative problem solutions for our employees


The initiative that encourages employees to creatively solve problems continues this year in the same form, and last year’s proposals were successfully and fully implemented.

With the desire to involve all members of Metalfer in the infrastructural issues of the company, we have introduced the possibility that, as participants and the best experts in the production process, they can make suggestions about qualitative changes that would improve their or collective work. This practice proved to be the opening of a constructive dialogue about the more efficient functioning of the company, and the diversity of approaches and opinions is an asset that we at Metalfer encourage, maintain and respect. Last year’s proposals were functional in a real production environment, and accordingly colleagues were adequately rewarded.


– The bronze proposal of Ljubiša Karalić and Ilija Dakić concerns the EBT automatic door. This proposal made it easier for colleagues to work on the EAF furnace, as well as less involvement of refractory maintenance, which until now had to change the door every day;
– Dragan Kličarić’s green proposal concerns the sealing elements on the trajbers: the proposal to reconstruct the seating of the trajber shafts, in order to stop the loss of lubricating oil due to frequent leaks, eliminated the problem that even the representatives of the companies “Danieli” and “Sider” had previously failed to solve with their modifications they decided. The implementation of the Green Proposal contributed to environmental protection, as well as saving oil. During 2022 year, as well as at the beginning of 2023, there was no leakage of the lubricant on the mentioned tires.

We congratulate our colleagues on last year’s success and remind you that the Metalfer Proposes 2.0 action is ongoing, and that you can submit your proposals to the email address or by inserting proposals into the designated boxes at the porter’s office near the Administration Building and the Smelter. Good luck!

The green belt as a shield for production facilities

We recognized the planting of trees as an important step in the direction of environmental protection and as one of the key elements of sustainable production.

Social responsibility and positive impact on the community in which we operate are essential for Metalfer, and the revitalization of parks and the protection of natural habitats are some of the unavoidable activities of the company. Through greening, seen above all as a team, joint activity, we want to show our fellow citizens our environmental awareness. We claim that it is possible, if not necessary, to create a balance between harmful emissions and trees that absorb carbon dioxide, thereby affecting the greenhouse effect and, consequently, global warming. Reducing pollution, on which we work tirelessly, is not enough, and that is why we are again mapping our possible impacts on the environment.

Reforestation is one of the best ways to help restore our immediate environment. That’s why the Metalfer company, among other things, distributed 36,000 apple and plum seedlings for yards in Sremska Mitrovica. The goal was to influence the greening of the city in this way and on private properties through selected varieties of apples and plums. In a few years, fellow citizens will get the fruits of these fruit trees, autochthonous for our region, on their properties.

– 35 hornbeam seedlings and 28 sycamore seedlings, in 2021. year;
– 65 sycamore seedlings, 5 birch seedlings and 13 black poplar seedlings, in 2022. year.

By 2030 1000 seedlings of different plant species are planned to be planted, as well as for our production facilities to be protected by a wide green belt.

Zero waste as a long-term goal

For us, sustainable and measured use of natural resources primarily means a healthy environment for current and future generations.

All steel produced by Metalfer comes from waste, which is the most accurate response to the world’s attempts to realize a sustainable, low-carbon economy. The process of making steel in an electric arc furnace begins with the charging of scrap iron, a completely recycled waste material. After melting and out-of-furnace preparation, the liquid steel is poured on a continuous casting machine. During the process of steel production in the electric arc furnace, a by-product is created – MSM aggregate. After cooling, it is shredded and turned into a 100% recycled product. The MSM aggregate is then used to create road surfaces with a high level of adhesion and safety.

In order to make better use of the steel waste that arrives at the Smelter in large quantities every day, Metalfer decided to purchase a shredder machine for the processing of steel waste. The goal of this machine is the complete cleaning of steel waste and its shredding, which directly affects the optimization of production and the reduction of emissions. By separating and classifying the waste obtained from processing in the shredder machine, it becomes a substitute for high-carbon materials and continues its application in our production process. Metals obtained in this way, such as aluminum and copper, are the input raw material for non-ferrous metal smelters.


Metalfer is working intensively to ensure that by 2025 implements the most modern plant for wastewater treatment. By establishing water recycling, all waste water after treatment will be returned to individual technological processes and find its application there. All used water will be purified and recycled back into the process to completely eliminate waste water. This procedure will include the collection of storm water from all areas of production plants and their reuse, all with the aim of reducing the consumption of well water.

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Waste as a resource in the eco-recycling park

In a large company like ours, waste occurs in the production process as much as in the lives of employees, and both represent valuable resources of Metalfer.

As a company with hundreds of employees, it is very important for us to be guided by the circular economy, a model that focuses on the sustainable use of resources and reducing the amount of waste. In this way, materials are used for as long as possible – through reuse, repair, recycling and renewal, efficiently and without waste. One of the basic principles of the circular economy is recycling, and it implies the collection, sorting and recycling of materials in order to create new raw materials that can be used in the creation of products, renewed and modernized, in order to extend their life span.

Corporate responsibility implies awareness of the complete production process: from investment in the environment to the social impact on the territory and communities where our factories are located. Being a green company means that we can combine increased production with respect for the environment. The commitment to sustainable production has intensified in recent years through research and development of technologies with less impact on the environment.


Eco-recycling park represents an important project of Metalfera and the materialization of such modern sustainable business. It is a collection point for paper, cardboard and PET packaging, both from the offices and from the homes of all employees in the company. The waste in question is sold to the operator for further treatment, and the money from the sale is directed towards the purchase of smart benches for secondary schools, which is another of the company’s projects investing in the future.

A circular economy has numerous benefits, including reducing pollution, saving resources, reducing waste and increasing economic efficiency. By reducing the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills or burned, the amount of harmful gases, i.e. environmental pollution, is also reduced. When waste takes over the role of raw material for the production of new products, the need for new raw materials drops drastically, which often reduces production costs. Increasing production does not necessarily mean polluting more, which we are trying to make transparent with initiatives like the eco-recycling park.

Team spirit in work and sports activities of Metalfer

Steel boys showed collegiality and perseverance on the football field in two sports events.

Spring and Fall 2022. was marked by two major sports events that our company is proud of – “Čeličenje”, a gathering of employees where the central event is a football tournament, and then “Steel League” – a gathering within the football league that takes place on Saturday mornings during the two-month season in the SC Pinki hall in Sremska Mitrovica.

As in all teamwork, the skills, emotions and commitment of Metalfer employees are clearly recognizable even when they gather around the ball, outside of the business environment. Our colleagues apply their work ethic on the football field with equal optimism and fighting spirit. Everyone contributes their abilities and energy to these gatherings, and it’s always a pleasure to watch employees collaborate and have fun at the same time, while friends and families cheer them on from the stands. Instead of supervisors, this time they were supervised by football referees, and the results of collective effort awaited them on the scoreboard of the sports hall.


In addition to socializing on the local field, the football tournament as part of the “Čeličenje” sports day showed that our company really has amazing athletes. Within the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve , the steel boys showed excellent fitness and great soccer knowledge, but also the importance of a good, fair game. Trust in teammates was felt among Metalfer football players, and the quality of football was so high that we decided to launch a football league for the first time – the “Steel League”.

Smart bench donated to “Nikola Tesla” high school

Our company marked the beginning of the new school year by donating a smart bench in the electrical engineering school in Sremskomitrova.

Traditional schooling today is challenging for young people, so the environment in which they find themselves every day should be in dialogue with modern needs. Technology has undoubtedly become a necessary tool for learning, communication and movement, and networking is one of the values that high school students recognize as vital. With all that in mind, we decided to donate to this vocational high school a smart solar-powered bench with modern features available for free to all users – internet, wireless charger for electrical devices, charger for electric bicycles and air quality meter. Apart from the hope that this kind of desk will facilitate the successful mastering of students’ daily tasks, we also believe that it is an example of good practice in terms of sustainability and innovation.

Positioned in the courtyard of the “Nikola Tesla” school, the smart bench represents a continuation of the successful cooperation that began with the joint development of the dual education program. This electrical engineering school is the starting point for many of our colleagues and associates, while some of the students are already doing practical classes within the Metalfer company. The students of the “Nikola Tesla” school are educated in fields ranging from mechanical processing to energy, and we want them to recognize our company as a place of support and development – both of their future ideas and their competences.