Our scholars visiting the company

High school students and students, our scholarship recipients and children of our employees visited Metalfer and got to know the company.

We proudly and with full right say “ours” for the scholarship holders because that’s what they are – the children of our employees, holders of our scholarships, our ambassadors today and our colleagues tomorrow.

From high school students and dental students to PhD students in technical sciences, we could say that we had a real academic gathering that day. Academic and family, because each of them came accompanied by their parents, who, by being employees of Metalfer, provided them not only with scholarships, but also continuous support in building their future. It is unnecessary to talk about the pride, happiness and satisfaction of our employees, they could not hide the sparkle in their eyes. It’s a big thing for them, maybe the biggest thing, because it’s about the future of their children.

We, on the other hand, didn’t want to talk about the “difficult” topics of that day, grades, exams, we just wanted to get to know the “newbies” and hang out with familiar faces again. A bit shy, nervous, just like freshmen on an exam, they didn’t talk much at first, but in a pleasant atmosphere, strengthened by the presence of their parents, they finally posed happily for the photographer’s lens.

They were not the only ones satisfied, our satisfaction was even greater. Proud parents and workers were a signal that we are doing the right thing and that our vision of support also makes sense.