Our activities

Fields of our activity

Welcome to the diverse, dynamic and constantly evolving sphere of activities of the Metalfer Group. Our business ventures span across various industry sectors, each contributing a unique stroke to the canvas of sustainable and innovative growth. Let’s dive deeper into the core of our business.

Infrastructure is the backbone of modern civilization, and we in the Metalfer Group strengthen it with unwavering commitment and our products. Through an extensive portfolio of steel products and stone aggregates, we encourage a robust and sustainable infrastructure that stands the test of time, thereby empowering the social community and stimulating economic growth. In the sphere of building materials, we are not just observers but actively contribute to the economic development of the nation. Our high-quality products boost various economic sectors, which have a strong impact on GDP. We do not just build the materials of the structure, but lay the foundation of development and prosperity.

By journeying into the depths of sustainable mining, we reiterate our commitment to the planet and its people. We believe that mining can coexist with environmental and social harmony, therefore we adopt the principles of sustainable development throughout the entire life cycle of the mine. From research and design of technological processes, through construction, to exploitation, we ensure that our practice aligns with our ethos of responsible mining.

In the sphere of finance, our compass points the way to a sustainable future. We catalyze projects that focus on renewable energy production, environmental care and the latest technologies. Our diverse clients benefit from our innovative, market-leading products, highlighting our role as a strategic partner for sustainable growth.

Finally, in the renewable energy arena, we advocate a new approach. Unlike our competitors, all the steel that Metalfer produces is made from waste, which represents a significant step towards decarbonizing the industry and encouraging a sustainable low-carbon economy. Guided by the principles of the circular economy, we are reshaping the future.

Each of our activities, although unique in its focus, resonates with the Metalfer Group’s broader vision of sustainable, innovative and responsible growth. As we continue to navigate the business landscape, we invite you to join us on this journey, cultivating partnerships that foster prosperity and make a positive impact on the world around us.